Southern California-based Jennifer Thorington was born and raised in the laid-back beach culture capital of the world but quickly became known for her voracious intelligence, dynamic entrepreneurial abilities and drive to see the world. Shortly after graduating high school, Jennifer became a renown makeup artist, working on TV Shows such as Take Home Chef, Kamen Rider & Launch My Line and applying her trade to A-List musicians like Prince, The Black Eyed Peas and The Pussycat Dolls. Jennifer's love of music soon spilled into the other areas of the industry and after a decade spent as a professional makeup artist, she co-founded the band The Morning Birds as well as the music publicity firm Working Brilliantly.


Over the course of the past decade, Working Brilliantly has become one of the most sought after publicity firms in the world, serving independent musicians and labels with integrity, class and creativity. Most recently Jennifer and her husband have formed the award-winning directing duo Markus Thorington, creating and writing compelling content that has been featured by the likes of LA Buzzbands, Paste, OC Weekly and Noisey. Thorington has further diversified her business operations this year, becoming a founding 'hempress' in a company specializing in high-quality, organic, nano-enhanced CBD-rich hemp oil, as well as starting to publicly sell her powerful affirmation malas and expanded her spiritual practice by becoming certified as a Reiki Master. 

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